Spanishney Responds Flawlessly At The Intimate Premiere

September 11, 2014 By Jordan Miller

Spanishney Responds Flawlessly At The Intimate Premiere

It appears Britney Spears understands spanish.

Brit sat down with Despierta America at The Intimate collection launch on Tuesday, and homegirl does not skip a beat when the host speaks fluent spanish to Britney asking her about the new women’s line. Brit responds in an instant:

“It’s amazing. I’ve always wanted to have my own fashion show forever, and making this a reality is a dream come true. Just being in New York – the energy here’s electric, and just really fun, and it’s just something I’m really passionate about and it has a lot of vintage effects and I think a lot of effects from where I’ from in Louisiana. Just very feminine and soft and really beautiful.”

The back and forth continues throughout the interview, including when Brit mentions she has a big booty, refers to herself as a “mamacita,” reveals she can salsa and cracks under pressure to admitting she likes Marc Anthony. Cause, why else would she say that?

Muy bien, Brit. See it here: