Britney’s roller-coaster ride over the last two years has seemingly stopped in its tracks – or better yet is on the incline. In place of late night trips to the pump and multiple pit stops at her local Rite Aid, are recording sessions in the studio, gym workouts, and cameo’s for CBS’ “How I Met Your Mother,” and an intro for Madonna’s “Sticky & Sweet” tour filmed just this week. And it doesn’t stop there.

“These are baby steps,” says a well-placed source in Britney’s camp to the Daily News. “She’s taking every opportunity to see her kids, and the last thing she’ll do is tour for three months or take the lead in a feature and be away from them again. Maybe she’ll go out on tour after the new year, but something short.”

The Daily News is also reporting that Britney is currently looking to executive produce a show in the same area as Ashton Kutcher or Randy Jackson. “It has to be organic to her, maybe something related to music or fashion,” the source said. Perhaps the reason Britney has her bodyguard turned cameraman filming her every public move.

Last month a judge in the custody case reinstated more visitation rights to Britney after she re-hired divorce lawyer Laura Wasser and made a “businesslike” court appearance opposite ex-husband Kevin Federline. “The overnight visits are great positive reinforcement for her,” another source close to the singer said. “She almost has the equivalent of one-third custody back, and being able to care for them is enormously helpful to her progress.”

Expert Morris Reid of Washington image consultancy Westin Rinehart weighs in on Britney’s possible comeback saying: “We heard all this talk of a comeback last year, but she wasn’t committed. She seemed committed to becoming a train wreck, not the beloved pop star. We know this woman is talented. And who knows, maybe all the pain is both a curse and a gift,” he said. “Difficult times are when some artists create their best work. She could use her music to express her feelings right now. And we all know people are interested in Britney’s feelings.”

The source close to Britney continued: “She’s the best I’ve seen her in three years. She has her kids back now and she’s working on a new album. Hopefully it will be out by the end of the year.”

Put your hands up ladies and gentlemen, and enjoy the roller-coaster’s smooth free-fall back into pop stardom we all know and love.

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