Britney and boyfriend Jason Trawick’s relationship is on the rocks. Again.

“They’ve been on and off for a while. He called it off again in the first week of March, but she keeps begging him to come back – and he does,” a source tells the National Enquirer.

“Jason is so involved in her life. He’s her agent and involved in her conservatorship, and her dad, Jamie, relies on him. He’s been credited with bringing stability back to Britney’s world, and that was true. But romantically, he keeps pushing her away because she gets possessive, then they get back together.”

WHY is Briney’s boyfriend allegedly involved in her conservatorship case? And, is it normal in Hollywood to date your clients?

The source thinks the relationship is toxic, saying the “cycle is unhealthy for her.”

“He needs to either bow out completely or put a ring on her finger. They’re OK for now, but really they’re hanging on by a thread. It will blow up again soon.”


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