Rumor had it Taylor Swift’s agent Jason Trawick cheated on Britney, but new reports claim otherwise.

Several sources close to Jason claim Jason did not cheat on Britney at L.A. club Roger Room on Dec. 30, including “friend” Milana Rabkin, who was spotted with Jason that night.

“A source explains to that the Dec. 30 gathering at Roger Room was a birthday party for “one of Jason’s bosses” at WME, the Hollywood agency that employs Trawick. ‘I used to work at WME. It was my old boss’ birthday and we were all hanging out,’ Milana Rabkin, 22, tells exclusively. She and Trawick, she says, ‘worked together’ recently. “We send him scripts,” says Rabkin who now works at Energy Entertainment. That night at Roger Room, she and a friend joined Trawick and a married male WME colleague to talk shop.”

Rabkin claims her and Jason’s meeting was business only, discussing a screenplay for a film.

“We had actually sent [the script] to him to read for Taylor Swift. We were hanging out and catching up on that. It was purely professional.”

The group left the Roger Room at 1:45 a.m. then headed to the Standard Hotel.

Hmmm… that’s completely normal and not sketchy at all!

“We were hungry, and I really wanted to talk to Jason about the script,” said Rabkin.


“They did go to the Standard,” a separate source confirms. “The girls and Jason’s friend had food. Jason didn’t. Jason then left and went home.”

Another source says Jason is always there for Britney. “[Britney] has been honest with Jason about what she’s been through in a way that I don’t think she’s been with other people, and he always preferred to not sugarcoat the harsh reality of what happened to her,” says a friend. “He tells her when she should take responsibility for her own actions.”

Only when it’s convenient for him!


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