Britney said she’d have kids again if the “timing was right,” as quoted in the latest Harper’s Bazaar, but it looks like the time isn’t soon.

Britney ‘desperately’ wants to marry boyfriend Jason Trawick and give him the child he deserves, but dad Jamie, who is legally in charge of both her professional and personal lives, fears a baby could trigger another mental breakdown, reports

A source close to Jamie tells In Touch that although Brit’s dad realizes she’s “in love with Jason and wants to start a family with him,” he is also trying to be realistic and doesn’t want her spiraling back out of control.

“He feels she’s still too unstable to even think of having another baby,” the source adds, saying that Jamie doesn’t want Britney to risk another breakdown.

Britney struggles with the legal conservatorship that her Jamie has over her and really wants “a big family.” The insider says that on numerous occasions, Britney has told Jason that she wants to have “three more kids,” especially a little girl she can “dress up and do girlie things with.” She loves her boys Sean and Jayden, but “really wants a daughter.”

Would you like to see Brit put a hold on her career and have another baby?

File this under the BS Alert!

UPDATE: Adam Leber filed this story as ********!

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