It’s been more than four and a half years since the conservatorship controlling Britney’s personal and public legal decisions was enacted, and despite obvious progress, there is no end in sight.

Last week, Britney met with Judge Reva Goetz in her chambers for about 45 minutes and included her court appointed attorney, Sam Ingham. “The judge wanted to see Britney in person to ask her how she was doing with her new job,” a source close to the singer tells “Britney said that she is enjoying it and is looking forward to the live shows. She admitted that being on the road for the auditions wasn’t her cup of tea because of the long hours, but it wasn’t anything to be concerned about. The judge is the one who signed off on Britney becoming a part of the show and it was her duty to ensure that Britney is doing ok.”

Dad and co-conservator Jamie oversees the financial aspect of the conservatorship, while fiance Jason Trawick governs the personal side, and will be in place until at least next year.

“The conservatorship won’t be ending this year,” the source says. “Britney’s doctors and father just don’t think she is ready quite yet. It very well could end at the beginning of next year. It definitely won’t end until Sam Lutfi’s defamation lawsuit against the Spears family has been resolved. Britney’s lawyers have argued that since she is under the conservatorship she can’t testify or be deposed in the Lutfi case and the judge has agreed.”

Of course we’re on the outside looking in, but she’s capable of judging contestants on The X Factor, why not testify in court? What do YOU think?

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