A hearing regarding Britney’s conservatorship ensued at an L.A. courthouse on Tuesday.

“Britney is doing extremely well,” attorney Geraldine Wyle, who represents Britney’s father Jamie Spears in the conservatorship, told RadarOnline.com.

“She went on a wonderful vacation with her boyfriend and she’s spending time with the boys.”

The objective of the hearing was focused on the money-aspect of the conservatorship, but Andrew Wallet, one of the conservators over Britney’s estate, defended Britney against recent allegations from former bodyguard, Fernando Flores, who claimed Britney sexually-harassed him.

“The lawsuit that Flores filed against Ms. Spears was done so for sensational headlines only and in keeping with his previous missives,” said Wallet.

But will this lawsuit hurt Britney’s chance for freedom? “One has nothing to do with the other,” said Wallet to E! News.

“It should have been filed against the conservatorship. Mr. Flores knew who we were yet he chose to file against Ms. Spears directly even though she is still under the conservatorship.”

Attorneys met in the chamber with Judge Reva Goetz for almost three hours before a ruling was made.

“The bond was decreased for each of the conservators, Wallet and Britney’s father Jamie, from $35 million to $5 million,” reports Radar.

Sources claim the conservatorship will NOT end this year.

“Everyone involved believes she has the necessary proof that she is competent to be in charge of her affairs,” says a source to Eonline.com, and “she’s more than ready.”

The next hearing is scheduled for September 30, 2010.

Image: x17online.com

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