Don’t let her be the last to know.

Jason is breaking up with Britney after The X Factor and she has no idea it’s coming, according to

A source close to the couple says Jason wants out.

“Jason has told Britney’s entire family that he’s planning to leave her, so that Britney will have a support system when he breaks the bad news,” the source tells us.

He’s waiting after The X Factor raps up this week because “he and her whole family think Britney will take the news real hard, and would rather not have her deal with it while she’s trying to film the show.”

However, Jason wants to remain Britney’s manager after the split.

Another source says otherwise of the rumored breakup, saying: “I haven’t heard anything about [the split], but I do know they are going on vacation together for the holidays.”

The couple just spent Jason’s bday together over the weekend. Brit reportedly cooked him and the boys dinner and watched movies.

She said: “There are def going to be a few more candles on your cake tonight Jason. Happy birthday baby Love you so much!”

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