Source: Britney Wants To Go On Tour As Well

Excited Britney’s performing in Las Vegas but bummed you can’t afford to see it? Well, you may be in luck, because Britney wants to go on tour AND have residency in Las Vegas!

“Britney wants to perform in Vegas every other weekend because she wants to go on tour as well,” a Vegas insider tells exclusively.

Britney’s Las Vegas residency contract is not yet signed because her team remains adamant about their demands, but it’s not a matter of if, but when.

Rumor has it the Vegas announcement’s slated for the end of this month, but the insider was a little skeptical. “The contract’s gone back and forth like 5 or 6 times.”

No word whether the tour she wants is U.S. or international, but you can bet Britney won’t stick to just the states *IF* she does one!