Britney’s no stranger to tabloid fotter attempting to interfere in her personal relationships, so it comes as no surprise to hear her and Jason’s engagement’s weathering the storm.

Despite reports claiming the two are headed for splits-ville, their future is looking bright, a source tells OK! mag.

“It seemed they were fighting almost constantly, but they have weathered the storm and are really enjoying each over.

“The year 2013 is going to be all about family for her: She wants to marry Jason, get pregnant, and really focus on being the best mom she can be to Sean and Jayden by making up for lost time.”

They insist Britney’s content with her life at the moment, saying “this last year was the first year Britney truly felt healthy and happy in a long time.”

“Her relationship with Jason is the first truly mature relationship she’s ever had, and she wants it to last forever.”

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