Funny no pictures surfaced of Britney leaving her conservatorship hearing on Jan. 22. Is it because Britney’s handlers wanted to hide her face?

Britney “completely broke down” on her way home from the hearing with judge Reva Goetz after realizing she may never be free from her father’s control, according to new reports.

Sources claim once Britney arrived home, she “tore into [Jamie] like a mad woman.”

“Her bodyguards had to physically restrain her from hitting Jamie. It was a terrible scene. Britney was totally out of control.”

According to The National Enquirer, Britney hoped to speak to judge Goetz in private, but her request was denied. Britney then endured her doctors praising Jamie for her progress over the past two years. The court also allegedly told Britney she is still incapable of handling her own personal or medical affairs.

Britney then called Kevin on her way home and told him “she wants to flee the country with the boys,” says the source.

As a result, Jamie hired two more bodyguards, including one stationed outside her bedroom door.

Somehow I’m thinking Britney would lose her **** if that’s really true.

“Her family is very worried because Britney hasn’t acted out like this in a long time,” said a source in regards to Britney attempting to damage some surveillance equipment used to monitor her.

“They fear she will do something desperate.”


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