Dealing with Haters 101

In the last year, The Chainsmokers have been hit with an overwhelming amount of hate. We’re talking Nickelback style.

Remember the Lady Gaga backlash? How about the criticism over Drew’s live vocals during their VMA performance? Oh, and don’t forget when people lost their minds over the pair accepting David Bowie’s Grammy. Nonetheless, the EDM duo has developed a simple method to dealing with their detractors.

“You don’t give a f**k about them love the people that support you and keep proving everyone wrong,” Drew Taggart and Alex Pall tweeted on Thursday (June 15).

It’s sound advice, but the backstory here is the interesting part. In an Esquire piece, which was published at the top of the year, writer Matt Miller (no relation to BH creator Jordan Miller) made a bold claim in his headline: “The Chainsmokers Are the Nickelback of EDM.”

During a recent interview with People, Nickback’s frontman Chad Kroeger was asked how he handles critism, despite the band’s enormous amount of success. That soon turned into talk about The Chainsmokers, with Kroeger giving his advice to the DJs. “Don’t Google yourself. I never look at press, I never look at comments on anything, it’s like what for?” the Canadian singer said. “If you’re looking for the negativity it’s easy to find.” However, the pair might have a hard time doing that being part of a young crop of EDM acts in 2017 and considering that they responded to this whole fuss via Twitter. Peep Nickelback’s full interview with the outlet below!

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