Lady Gaga got the ax on several projects, plus who’s Rita Ora?

Sony Emails Leak Claim Lady Gaga Could Have Voiced Betty Boop

According to leaked emails from Sony, Lady Gaga was axed from the “Spiderman 2” soundtrack as well as playing the voice of Betty Boop.

Oh, and no one knows who Rita Ora is.

After a flood of private email exchanges at Sony leaked, the world is privy to information about some our biggest (and not so biggest) stars. One correspondence sent by Entertainment Co-Chairman Amy Pascal said Gaga got the ax from the “Spiderman 2” soundtrack because she’s lame:

“I think gaga might be too lame after die antwoord made fun of he in the video.”

However, she felt Lorde would fit (“I just did some research on which could also be a cool idea”) as well as Ellie Goulding (“but I’m not sure what her fan base his”).

Damn, it’s hard out here for a *****!

Gaga was also given the boot from another potential project. Sony denied Mother Monster the role playing the voice of Betty Boop for a Who Framed Roger Rabbit-esque adaptation because her persona is “weirdly sexualized yet childlike” and wasn’t marketable. From Wikileaks:

Lady Gaga is attached to voice Betty Boop & do some of the music. Neither of us thinks we should do it, and we’ve also run the brand by marketing who aren’t inclined either (George was going to do some more research on the brand’s power). To us it feels weirdly sexualized yet childlike (esp with Gaga) and not sure really who it’s for in a big mainstream way.

As for what we mentioned about Rita Ora above? Sony loves her! They just hadn’t a clue who she was. An agent from CAA sent this to Pascal:

Excited for you to meet Rita Ora tomorrow. We all sat with her today and she’s an incredible spark…

Below and attached are some additional materials / info on the lady.

Pascal forwarded the message to someone with the one-liner, “Do u know her.”

Of course they didn’t anticipate their private exchanges to go public, but we’re a little glad they did!