Free Kesha.


The good news? Dr. Luke no longer holds an executive position at Sony. The LA Times reports his demotion was “a change that was expected as part of a contractual obligation that was set to expire at the end of March 2017.”

The bad news? He still has a job there. It was previously reported Sony cut ties with Luke, but a source tells the LA Times as well that “this is wrong, they are not cutting ties.”

It’s not clear what that means for Kesha, but it appears to still be a win for her considering his lesser rank in power.


Sony Music has cut ties with Dr. Luke amid controversial legal battle with Kesha.

Before you make a #KeshaIsFreeParty on Twitter, this is not the end of “Free Kesha” and might not be the win for Kesha we all desperately want for her.

Sony Music has ended its partnership with producer Dr. Luke after many years, according to the Hollywood Reporter, meaning that he is no longer the CEO of Kemosabe Records, which they formed together in 2011.

As Kesha is signed to the label many would assume this means the legal woes that have prevented her from releasing new music since she came forward with **** and abuse allegations against the producer in October 2014.

However, the Hollywood Reporter have highlighted that Kesha previously warned a judge that if Sony’s involvement disappeared her situation would worsen as she would lose a vital third party.

While Dr. Luke’s deal ending will make headlines and bring more attention to his alleged wrongdoings, his defamation claims against Kesha are still pending and his attorneys are preparing to present evidence of how his career has been damaged by the **** allegations.

This is a horrible situation that has already gone on for far too long. Hopefully, somehow, this will actually help Kesha’s case, if only for her to have the freedom to move on and release new music as she wishes.

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