While you were studying for finals…

Songs You Might Have Missed

While you were recovering from last weekend, hustling through the work week while dealing with some major dramz, you might have passed up on some fine tunes that aren’t exclusive to TIDAL.

Plenty of songs that deserve to be heard fall by the wayside because stories like Britney and Iggy releasing “Pretty Girls,” Miley Cyrus launching the Happy Hippie Foundation or Taylor Swift in Elle magazine got the VIP treatment on BreatheHeavy. HOWEVER, we’ve kept our feelers out for songs we thought you’d like but probably passed because you saw something shiny.

Alo Lee

Up-and-coming singer, Alo Lee, wants to share her brand new “Twice Burned” EP with BH readers. We asked her a couple questions about it.

What’s the inspiration behind the EP?
I’m inspired by growing up listening to all the R&B music of the late 90’s and early 00’s- everything about that era of music was amazing and you can definitely hear it throughout the EP sonically. Lyrically, love and *** inspire my writing almost exclusively. I think love, whether it’s real love or just something we think we feel at the time, is such a strong and intense state of being. I always find myself writing my best material when I’m really overwhelmed with feelings of love, or hurt from love lost. The EP is entirely about falling in and out of love and the scars it leaves behind.

What’s the instrumentation used?
The production on my EP is really unique- I sourced it all myself through Soundcloud. I’ve never met any of the producers in person- the collaboration was all online. The guys I worked with are all super dedicated and have become close friends of mine through this process. They believed in me and my music and we’ve come together to make something we’re all really proud of. I think the fact that we made it happen without ever meeting in person just shows how drastically the music industry has changed. How incredible is it that I’ve managed to go from 20 Soundcloud followers in November 2014 to over 2,500 followers and an EP on Spotify less than 6 months later? It’s incredible. I love that this is possible now- this could never have happened 15 years ago.

What’s your favorite song?
I couldn’t pick a favorite, but I will say that Electric Blue is a song that is very personal to me; it’s essentially about a sexual fantasy that will never come true. That is something you wouldn’t normally write down and make public to the world, but I think the vulnerability of the song really touched people. Krysshun Livingood, the producer of the track, created the most beautiful and haunting instrumental that just ties the entire song together. I just love how it turned out and I think it will always be one of my favorite tracks.

Brandyn Burnette – I Wanna Be (Free)

Shamir – Darker

Jessica Sutta ft. Rico Love “Let It Be Love”

Avicii – Feeling Good

Hook N Sling ft. Far East Movement – Break Yourself

Hopium – Right Now

Neon Hitch – Sparks

BoA – Who Are You

Stromae – Ave Cesaria (Major Lazer Remix)

Marissa – Tied Down

Nero – The Thrill

Let us know what your favorites are in Exhale!