Someone Get Brian Friedman A Non-Disclosure

May 5, 2011 By Jordan Miller

Hi foot… meet mouth!

Choreographer Brian Friedman likes to talk about Britney. A lot. Like… A lot a lot. No joke… a lot! So it’s no surprise to see him gab about Brit in a new interview where he claims Britney won’t dance like she used to because she’s a mommy now. Fans didn’t like to hear that.

All the drama with Bri Bri started when he hyped up the Hold It Against Me music video saying it featured awesome dancing. When Brit didn’t break it downnn break it downnn in the dubstep breakdown, fans felt jipped! No worries, we’ll wait for the next single…

Next were her three live performances where she performed “HIAM,” “TTWE,” and “Big Fat Bass.” Some fans felt like she didn’t put out her best effort, others thought she rocked it. 2001 Britney would never be pushed around on stage in a giant chair. Snakes were fair game.

Cut to the “Till The World Ends” music video. Remember the body double drama during the dance scene? Yea, I’d like to forget about that, too. Fans, again, pissed. Then suddenly… Brian mysteriously bowed out from choreographing the tour! Britney fans are not allowed to hold Britney responsible for anything… it’s just the way it is! Brian is the next best target, so he got cyber-bullied. Not cool.

But homeboy’s not doing himself any favors in this latest chat with Rumor Fix. He says:


“Britney’s a different person now… times are different, our bodies are different… I know that she’s in a different place. She doesn’t want to do a lot of the same things that she did when she was younger. She always says to me ‘I’m a mother… I’ve got two kids.’ It’s her decision on what she wants to do and how she wants to perform. We all just have to let her do what it is she wants to do and accept it, and if you’re a fan you’re a fan… continue to be a fan. If you don’t want to buy the album and you don’t want to watch the videos… it’s your choice.”

Can I have my cake and eat it too?