Some Fans Want Moaaaar

December 28, 2010 By Jordan Miller

Exhale is an interesting fan forum full of colorful opinions, outspoken activists and… a few crazies!

As fans always do with Britney, they create rumors and wholeheartedly believe them, and when they don’t turn out to be true we go a little coo coo on your ***! Whoever’s is closest!

Exhalers have come up with a few theories as to WHY we have no confirmed information regarding Britney’s upcoming single aside from the rumors BreatheHeavy posts daily, and what we thought was going to happen after “Britmas.”

Some think her team is waiting for Lady Gaga’s single to debut. Others are upset because they assumed we would have received a press release with all the juicy details after Christmas (tons of rumors flying around claiming so).

What do you think, readers? Feel free to register and either set these fans straight, or comment on their posts!

UPDATE: Fans have started #BritneyNews as a TT on Twitter!