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Solange’s moment is now.

Music released by the younger Knowles sister has been largely ignored in the past despite often being more cohesive, artistically ambitious and fully realised than Bey’s output. However, Solange’s new record “A Seat At The Table” was released on Friday (Sept 30) to a surprisingly huge reception from fans and critics.

“A Seat At The Table” is a masterclass in R&B: an impressively orchestrated collection of smooth soul and funk built on beautiful melodies, captivating lyricism and effortlessly vocals.

Like many records released today, we first listen as a whole without knowing which songs will be given the single treatment – although, it seems that two are being sent to radio simultaneously.

Solange has debuted the music videos for “Cranes In The Sky” and “Don’t Touch My Hair”, co-directed by herself and her husband Alan Ferguson, which explore themes of identity and race.

The visually stunning videos are “a musical representation of the spirit within an unapologetically Black woman who is not interested in remaining silent in a critical time of identity, empowerment, grief, healing and self-expression – let alone, artistic expression”, according to her website.

Watch the video below and stream “A Seat At The Table” now on Spotify or Apple Music).

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