Britney finally caught a little breather yesterday, as she was not seen outside her Beverly Hills home even once (we know this because the girl is photographed every second of the day. No photographs = no sighting). Probably because Jamie, her conservator, has allowed Britney zero access to her cars. But still… she was home!

Britney decided to change up her look while chillin at home, and called up celebrity stylist Kim Vo, who reported to Eonline: “A polite and calm Britney requested a “longer and ****” ‘do and was overheard on a phone call to Jamie Lynn (who is currently residing in Kentwood) saying, “I want to start focusing again; I want to figure out the system.”

Britney whipped out her nutty British accent and pink wig, in which Vo advised her to “put the wigs away, this is crazy. You don’t want to be crazy,” to which Britney laughed,” he said.

Then, Alli Sims, close friend to Britney was supposed to see Britney, but mysteriously was turned away at the Summit gates, and was forced to make a U-turn. Apparently she is “on the list.” What list you ask? Jamie’s list of people Britney is no longer allowed to associate with. No Alli, no Sam… but Adnan is ok? Anyway…

New mind-set, new looks. Glad she wants to figure things out. Baby steps!

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