Britney’s received some flack from fans and critics for not co-writing any tracks on Femme Fatale. But who cares?

“Sinatra didn’t write a song, Garth Brooks barely wrote anything,” songwriter Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic, who also wrote tracks for Femme Fatale, tells THR. “I love that Britney does that. She knows where she is, and she shows up to the studio and says ‘What am I singing today guys? Okay, cool! Let me look at it.’

“She’s not trying to… Sinatra didn’t write a song, Garth Brooks barely wrote anything, George Strait has had I think 51 No. 1’s and he has yet to write a song. Rascal Flatts are one of the biggest country acts in the world, and all of their hits are written by other people. So to me it’s whatever, be thankful for what you have,” he continues.

Heather Bright, who wrote songs for Femme Fatale, also defended Britney for having no co-writing credits on the new album.

“I would just like to address one thing! The media is talking trash about how Britney didn’t write any of the songs on her album … HELLO! Wake up everybody! NONE OF THESE ARTISTS WRITE THEIR OWN SONGS!!!!!!”

Valid points. Actors do not write the scripts for the movies they star in! But, I think some of the frustration comes from having albums where Britney did co-write songs, to not having any at all.

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