So That Lindsay Lohan/Duran Duran Duet Isn't What You Think

Bassist John Taylor talks about Lilo feature.

Remember when you thought you were going to hear brand-new Lindsay Lohan vocals in the form of a duet with Duran Duran? Well, we hate to burst your bubble but it doesn’t look like the former teen queen is going to be doing much singing on her collaboration with the rock band.

In a lengthy interview with the Daily Beast for their upcoming album, Paper Gods, which drops on September 11, bassist and co-founder John Taylor dished some details about Lilo’s appearance on the LP, revealing that this is way more of a Madonna/Mike Tyson sort of situation. “She’s been a friend for a little while, and she said, ‘Hey, I’d like to do something on the new album,'” Taylor explained. “We discussed it, but said, ‘It’s great, but what are we gonna do? Where is there a space that it makes sense?'”

Much like everything in Lilo’s world, the duet almost never happened, but when they finally decided to link up, their game plan was to produce something that was far less similar than what we know of Lilo’s early pop star catalogue.

“We had this idea, roughly based on Michael Jackson’s track ‘Thriller,’ where he used a cameo from Vincent Price in the middle, which I always thought was a fantastic moment,” Taylor said. “And we thought, ‘What would the Duran Duran equivalent of that moment be?’ It would be a **** girl in a fabulous outfit delivering the most beautiful monologue. And so Lindsay came to the studio, and like all great actresses she played her role immaculately. I think that it’s something appropriate, vibe-y, and ****.”

So there you go, folks. Lindsay Lohan’s contribution to the Duran Duran track is a monologue. Excuse me while I deal with all this disappointment by throwing on an angsty little ballad you might have heard of called  “Confessions Of A Broken Heart.”

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