The inevitable has happened.

So, Justin Bieber Nudes Have Leaked

It was “all about the music” but now it’s all about the D.

Justin Bieber has spent the last 9 months rehabilitating his image from bad boy to serious artist, and successfully won the public back with two of the year’s biggest songs, but a newly leaked picture might just change that.

He peed in a bucket, was caught with a Brazillian prostitute and even spent some time in jail during his wild year but he managed to avoid the nudes scandal – until now.

Three paparazzi shots show the 21-year-old standing fully naked outside of his vacation spot in Bora Bora, where he currently is with rumored girlfriend and model Jayde Pierce.

As you can imagine, Twitter’s servers are breaking down with the amount of thirst going on.

We’ll keep it clean here on BreatheHeavy but you can find the picture for yourself here.

Marketing stunt or a really lucky paparazzo?