So Britney Has A Hair Care Line

Hush just stop. Britney Spears has a new hair care products line in Europe.

You want hair like Britney? Me too. And now it’s possible! Not really. Besides, I hear her hair is insured for $100,000.

Now you can style your weave in The Intimate collection, because Britney launched a hair care line at Lidl in Europe. According to a printed advertisement, products include blow dryers, straighteners and brushes – all branded with ~Britney.~

It’s a cosmetic plug for the “Femme Fatale” era, basically.

In the commercial, a girl Tweets Britney she wants hair like her. Then all of a sudden, Brit leaves homegirl a message:

“Hey it’s Britney! Check out my new hair care line. It’s fab.”

I don’t know what’s going on, but I like it.

See the promo here + one more advertisement:

So Britney Has A Hair Care Line

Me if I get a voicemail from Britney:

So Britney Has A Hair Care Line