Beyonce continues to cause all that conversation.


SNL took a swipe at white people kicking up a fuss over Beyonce’s black pride anthem.

The parody, titled The Day Beyonce Turned Black, aired last night on SNL and has quickly gone viral.

The send-up is referencing the rather outlandish reaction to the singer’s new song, as she namechecks various aspects of black culture, a young black boy is seen dancing in front of police, and Beyonce sings while atop a sinking police car. It proposes that the same white people who would gladly listen to Single Ladies without a second thought would (or do) become offended once a black entertainer doesn’t sing about things they can directly relate to. The skit also highlights the erasure of race in black women compared to defining black men via their race.

Over the Superbowl weekend, basically every conservative US media outlet denounced Formation, with some saying it was anti police and others saying it sent bad messages to young people. At its worst, the negative backlash saw the proposal of an anti-Beyonce protest. Because nothing says “racism is over, we live in a post-racism society” better than a protest against a black woman singing about liking her hair and facial features…

Tickets for the Formation Tour went on sale in the UK and Ireland today.

What do you think of the skit? Too far? Not far enough? Should Beyonce be more or less political?