Hell hath no fury like a woman who hasn’t slept.


Hell hath no fury like a woman who hasn’t slept.

No, unfortunately Hilary Duff has not confirmed new music today. Instead, she decided to eviscerate her neighbor, now known as Dieter The D, on Instagram to her 9 million+ followers. Hey, Hilary needs her beauty sleep!


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What has Dieter The D done to infuriate our precious Hil? According to the Duff’s Insta-stories, Dieter smokes weed and cigarettes in his apartment and it permeates into hers. He also breaks furniture when he fights with his girlfriend (or boyfriend) and doesn’t throw his trash down the shoot. All of this has kept Hilary up at night. Dieter is an awful neighbor. Don’t be like Dieter.

Hilary airing her dirty laundry seems out of character, but I guess that’s sleep depravation for you. Man, if only she’d put this much energy into making a new record… homegirl would have a Grammy!

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