Underwood tells us of her success with “Smoke Break” and the next ‘Storyteller’ single.


Here’s to Carrie Underwood and here’s to when the day gets long.

Underwood released her fifth studio album Storyteller in October with the lead single “Smoke Break,” an anthem about needing a second to “let the world fade away.” She performed the album’s follow-up single, “Heartbeat,” at the American Music Awards on Sunday (Nov. 22) where she won Favorite Country Female Artist. BreatheHeavy.com caught up with the Platinum-certified country superstar backstage to chat about how Storyteller has progressed her as an artist and what she wants the next release to be.

“Every album is a culmination of where you are in your life and in your music,” she tells BreatheHeavy exclusively, “and that was the kind of [music] I had been listening to more… things that were a little more gritty and a little more traditional country music. That’s what I was gravitating towards more when we were writing and picking out songs and making [Storyteller]. I’m really proud of it, and I feel like the response has been really great.

As for the next single? Underwood is all ears.

“‘Smoke Break’ just got to its peak which is really cool,” she continues. The song currently sits at No. 43 on the Billboard Hot 100.

“We’ll see,” she says of picking the next single. “I never know what’s going to happen next. I’m always interested in seeing what everybody’s opinions are as what the next single should be. I’m up for anything. I wanna make an album that’s full of singles, you know?

She adds, “I wanna make songs that are that good.”

Carrie Underwood, Storyteller Track Listing:
1. “Renegade Runaway”
2. “Dirty Laundry”
3. “Church Bells”
4. “Heartbeat”
5. “Smoke Break”
6. “Choctaw County Affair”
7. “Like I’ll Never Love You Again”
8. “Chaser”
9. “Relapse”
10. “Clock Don’t Stop”
11. “The Girl You Think I Am”
12. “Mexico”
13. “What I Never Knew I Always Wanted”

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