Smell Of Success Of FANTASY

November 17, 2005 By Jordan Miller

BRITNEY SPEARS and J-Lo may not have enjoyed hits in the pop charts of late, but their perfumes are best sellers in the Top 10 perfume lists. Popster Spears proved her name was worth a fortune when she collected $30million globally in 3 months after the launch of “Curious”. In Australia, the success was unprecedented, with sales worth 20c for every man, woman and child. “Curious” has maintained a Top 10 position for Myer(store) since it’s lauch on Nov 1 last year.
Spears’s new scent “FANTASY”, which was launched October 30, should enjoy the same success – if the 50,000 “Fantasy” samples ordered online in two weeks are anything to go by. This week in the Australian perfume charts Curious was number 6 and Fantasy was number 9. There were also some experts rating Curious and Fantasy, here’s what they said:
CURIOUS: Expert one – “Fabulous presentation(meaning the bottle). This is aimed at 16 to 24 year olds, but mums are falling for it too. It is quite intoxicating and **** because of the vanilla infused musk.” She gave it two stars out of three. Expert Two – “Interesting bottle, aimed at the young. I quite liked the initial spray. There is a subtle but distinctive scent of musk. It reminds me of little girls playing with their mum’s perfume.” He gave it a lousy one star out of 3. FANTASY – Expert One – ” A lot of girls are going to love the pink Swarovski crystal-encrusted bottle. The scent is like a love potion, playful yet sensual. Smells almost good enough to eat!” Two stars out of three.
Expert Two – “There must be a theme going on with the bottle designs for Britney Spears. This is pink with little diamantes. It smells like vanilla cupcakes, chocolate and spice. Also two out of three stars.