Chelsea Dash sings about getting stuck in emotional “Quicksand” with her latest release.


Chelsea Dash sings about getting stuck in emotional “Quicksand” with her latest release.

Girls love a bad boy, but their furious fling always ends up in flames. That’s the premise behind Dash’s new song “Quicksand,” produced by Tomas Costanza (“Boys Like Girls”), the latest single off her forthcoming album Dangerous out later this summer.

The song was inspired by a ‘bad boy’ type my friend was dating,” Dash tells “In our conversations we always ended up referring to him as ‘Mr. Quicksand.’ No matter how many times she tried to break free from him because she knew he wasn’t good for her, somehow he’d find a way to pull her back under. So we nicknamed him Mr. Quicksand.”

In addition to Tomas, DASH is also working with other acclaimed producers on her new album, among them Smitty Soul, who’s worked with Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown and Lady Gaga among others, and Goodwill & MGI who’s been in studio with Justin Bieber, Akon, Kylie Minogue and more.

“Quicksand started out being very lyric driven,” she continues. “The lyrics detail the toxic relationship and tell the tale of a dysfunctional but relatable relationship. Once I got the lyrics down we wrote a scratch track of a beat and I wrote the melody. Then I worked on it from there with a producer to perfect the sound.”

She adds: “It’s just a great pop tune that details a very relatable story about dating the bad boy. A cautionary tale about fatal attraction. How you know someone is ultimately not good for you, and yet they have some hold on you and you keep going back to them. It’s a bit dark but I think everyone can relate to it in some way.”

Last year, BreatheHeavy premiered Dash’s music video for “Massive Attack,” a song about “not being afraid to go after what you want, being willing to fight for it, standing up for yourself and just never giving up no matter what the cost.”

“Quicksand” is another empowering anthem helmed by the up-and-coming pop starlet. Listen below:

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