“Britney was a real southern gal when I met her. Her music is my ultimate guilty pleasure. I was once a dancer and her music is awesome if you wanna shake your rump. I am so grateful to her for allowing me the pleasure of opening her concert. To tell you the truth I was so glad I was opening and I wasn’t in her shoes. Britney has so much pressure on her, so many eyes, so many fans too! I would feel so smothered if I had to live like she does. I think it’s a talent alone to be able to put up with all she does and dance on stage every night looking amazing. Good for her for standing tall throughout her career.”

That is what “Tangled Up In Me” singer Skye Sweetman posted on her message board days ago about her expierences and thoughts on Britney whom she opened up for on the “Onyx Hotel Tour” which got cut short after Britney suffered a knee injury while filming her video, “Outrageous.”

Credit: BritneyUnleashed.com

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