Sky High Drama Bounces On

Britney received some flack over the weekend from The Army after she denied taking a photo with a fan during an outing with her kids at Sky High trampoline park on Saturday.

Unfortunately, the girl who Tweeted about the rejection received a swarm of harsh Tweets, but she’s not the only one who didn’t get a snap that day. Another fan who saw Britney there on Saturday also asked for a picture, except they talked to her bodyguards for it… not the Queen herself. They said:

“She had 3 security guards. We asked them if we could take a picture with Britney but they said no… they were nice and thanked us for asking them and not her!

“Britney was reading a book. She jumped for a while and played some of the video games with her boys. She looked great and had a lot of fun!!”

They were denied a picture, but took one anyway? Yikes at this fanbase sometimes…

If you see Britney out and about, flash her a smile instead. She’ll probably flash one back!