The first song from Ferreira’s new record is coming soon.


Sky Ferreira’s upcoming record is on its way.

Free spirit and not-so-happy hippie Sky Ferreira needed to step away from the spotlight to expand her musical horizons. She has, and the result is, according to Numero, an “aggressive,” electronic-sounding collection she’ll in the coming months. Or sooner?

Ferreira promised in December material from Masochism will drop in the beginning of 2016, saying “Song 1 from #Masochism will be released early 2016.”


Ferreira gave her first interview of the year, an apparent sign of things to come. In it, she describes the ripple effect her raw and uncensored personality has as a young female artist. “… People treat you as though you’re crazy and automatically think that you’re weak,” she tells Numero, “but of course if it’s a man they think it’s moving. Whatever the circumstances, I believe you have to have failed to appreciate victory.”

Her natural aversion to follow the straight and narrow lead Ferreira down a different path than most. Her realization lead to the name of the album, Masochism. “I always believed you had to be worthy of love and happiness, that you had to have been unhappy to be happy, and that things had no meaning unless they were born in pain. The album’s title is a way for me to tackle that, and to try to move on… Even if I still look for problems.”

As for the sound, Ferreira credits visual artist / songwriter David Lynch as an “essential influence.”

“I took one of his classes when I was young. What’s more I’ve got far more technical knowhow in film than in music. When I compose I see my music, I don’t hear it.”

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