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Sky Ferreira poses ******* for *******, makes no mention of Masochism.

The “Everything Is Embarrassing” singer is never one to hide who she is. That’s why she’s comfortable baring her soul (and body) in an intimate new interview with *******, who began watering down their brand last year with SFW pictorials in a bid to stay afloat. Ferreira is their latest muse, who details her personality traits, working in the industry and why making music is important to her in a candid chat with the publication.

Highlight: “I started making music because I felt I might be understood if I did. I need to forge my own path, because no one else is going to do it for me. I get upset that I don’t get help from the people who should be helping me, but it’s the way I choose to live.”

Unfortunately, the pop star isn’t ready to divulge too much about her forthcoming record Masochism, but did reveal on Instagram last week new music and a video are on the way. “Editing. Lots of surprises next week hint hint nudge nudge #Masochism,” she wrote.

Editing. Lots of surprises next week hint hint nudge nudge #Masochism

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You can read Sky’s full ******* interview here.

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