Site Updates

August 2, 2004 By Jordan Miller

Welcome to the next era of Breathe I changed layouts cause I never really liked that orange one. There are TONS of site updates including:

AIM Icons
ImageGallery –
Grafix Site

Yes, you did read correctly, I purchased a brand new domain for an image gallery entitled ‘,’ because I wanted to keep that **** motif that I have going with Breathe Heavy, and the song ‘I’m A Slave 4 U’ is where I got the idea Breathe Heavy. You can access the domain above, or by clicking HERE. There are over 2000 pictures and growing every day.

Next I have a video that I made, which took two weeks, and I made this before Toxic and Everytime ever existed, so it is old. It is an unofficial music video for the song ‘Showdown,’ a track off of Britney’s latest album ‘In The Zone,’ which is my favorite song off of the album. You can download it by right clicking below and click ‘Save Target As.’ It may take a little while to download, but trust me, it is WELL worth the wait, with all the clips matching each heavy booming beat.

Right click and save target as. NO Hotlinking, or it will be removed immediately.


Lastly, I have a few people I must thank. Eric, you have done so much for breathe heavy, and me, and I really really appreciate it, because the domain breathe heavy and slave4u would not be where it is without you, and I am honestly greatful you’ve taken the time to help me. Jeff, I am also so greatful you have helped me whenever I needed it. I know for a fact breathe heavy would be nowhere without you, and I look up to britneysource so much, it is truly one of, if not THE biggest britney fan-site out there, plus you did a remarkable job on helping me code this layout.

That’s it for now, keep expecting the heavy updates, because I really enjoy doing it. Hope you like the new layout, I really love the W magazine photoshoot, so I decided to use it. Stay tuned and have fun!