Hey guys. I just wanted to give you all a heads up on what’s going down with the site starting late next week. April 7th is my 18th birthday! And April 8th I leave for Greece with my best friends to go on a 10 day cruise through the Greek islands. So you wonder “Jordan, what will happen to the site?” Ah ha, this is where I’ve got you. I have found a wonderful webmistress who will introduce herself when she starts updating for me while I’m gone. So rest assured, all the new candids, and magazine scans will be updated on the site, as well as the juicest Britney gossip. I will remind you all of my leave of absense later next week. And you wonder “Jordan, why are you telling us so early?” Well my friends, I feel it is important to keep you guys updated on the status of the site. Plus I wanted to share these big events that will be happening to me very soon. Plus, I have been informed that BreatheHeavy.com has moved up a page rank in Google, making it one number less than Britney’s official website BritneySpears.com, and I only have you guys to thank. So that’s that, and I will try and add some eye candy for you guys later on, like avatars, wallpapers, that kind of thing.

– Jordan

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