Or at least we think.

Sit Back And Relax Because Selena Gomez + Demi Lovato Are Still Friends

Demi fires back!

Everybody went into a frenzy when they dove into Demi Lovato’s “Complex” cover story and read that she wasn’t on speaking terms with her former Disney BFF Selena Gomez. Asked if the reason for their rift was because of Selena’s tumultuous relationship with Justin Bieber, the singer replied, “Not anymore.”

It was a puzzling part of the interview, considering the duo recently reunited and took their first selfie in years. So are they friends or not? Well, Demi took to Twitter to address the interview, and (we think) she’s telling folks not to give into the gossip that the two are at war with each other.

We can’t think of any other bit that Demi might want to subtly allude to, so we’re going to say that this quote is aimed particularly at the folks that are gossiping about another rift between the pop darlings. Try to sleep comfortably tonight knowing that these two partners in crime are in it for the long run.

Look at how #coolforthesummer we are.. Friends for years, #sameoldlove ???

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Who do you think reached out first to reconcile this friendship?

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