Sip On The Latest Britney Music Tea

Let’s start this week out with some Britney music… info.

It’s been a minute since a rumor swirled around your Venti mocha frappuccino regarding Britney’s new music, so please allow me to refill your cup.

Let’s get this out of the way. Producer William Orbit, who has a hand in production for Brit Brit’s new material, alluded last week something Britney-related is on the way.

So apologies to all for the ‘tease’. It’s the Britney effect, you’ve seen it elsewhere with others, keen to bang the tambourine and popping out idealistic tweets. Mine no exception.

Then he posts this:

Honestly I have no idea what he’s talking about, but it’s pretty damn exciting.

Let’s move on.

Giorgio Moroder

According to anonymous ~insiders,~ Britney’s ’70s disco jammer for producer Giorgio Moroder’s album is set for a March release to followup her first single release with Iggy Azalea.

Speaking of Iggy Azalea…

There’s another alleged insider claiming to know juicy deets regarding Britney’s lead single with Iggy. Instead of disregarding the information as basic and probably made up, I figured why not share the wealth and let YOU decide. It won’t bite.

Not confirmed facts:

– New track features Iggy Azalea
– A supposed January release.
– An unfinished demo is making the rounds.
– Uptempo with heavy beats that disappear during the chorus and return suddenly after. Described as “ELECTRIFYING!” The track also ends suddenly.
– Its structure is somewhat similar to “We Found Love” by Rihanna.
– It’s a club song about having fun.
– Lyrics are simple.
– Begins with Iggy’s rap, with more of her verses after that.
– A male robotic voice can be heard in some parts of the track, especially during the chorus, in the background, repeating verses sung by Britney.
– EDM? Yes. Auto tune? Oh yes. Generic? Maybe.
– Potential producers include Zedd, or Diplo.
– The unfinished track can leak at any time.