Several astute BreatheHeavy readers sent in tips about a new producer working with Britney for her 6th studio album. Lady Ga Ga, 22, made the rounds on radio stations 99.9 FM & Z103.5 in Toronto today, and revealed she is working with Britney, and has already written & recorded two songs for Brit. The reader went on to say:


“When Mad-Dog (one of the morning show hosts) asked her [Lady Ga Ga] when the album would be released, she went on to say that she “couldn’t imagine it would be this year,” but probably mid-2009, as Britney was very much in the early stages of the album when she worked with her. She also went on to say that the album is very much a continuation to “Blackout,” but 10 times bigger in production value, and that the comeback would have people “regretting putting those videos of her on YouTube.”

Lady Ga Ga says her goal as an artist is to “funnel a pop record to a world in a very interesting way. I almost want to trick people into hanging with something that is really cool with a pop song. It’s almost like the spoonful of sugar and I’m the medicine.”

LGG is just one of many producers Britney is working with for her next album, including Jonathan JR Rotem, Sean Garrett, Guy Sigsworth, Danja. Jim Beanz, Darkchild, Kara Dioguardi, Taio Cruz, Babyface, Dallas Austin, Polow Da Don, Damon Elliott, The Runawayz, Fredwreck, Bloodshy & Avant, Bryan-Michael Cox, and now Lady Ga Ga.

Check her out on Myspace, and tell her who sent ya! Thanks for the tips, guys!

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