You are now now rocking with and Tulisa *****.

You are now now rocking with and Tulisa *****.

For more than five years, Tulisa Contostavlos fought a legal battle against and Britney Spears over their 2012 song “Scream and Shout,” but it’s finally come to an end.

Tulisa originally co-wrote the track and says she had plans to include it on her album called The Female Boss under the name “I Don’t Give A F–k,” but was blind-sided when it was scrapped and given to Britney Spears instead – re-purposed as “Scream & Shout.”


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See what Exhale is saying about this.

This went undisputed. Will even admitted Tulisa wrote the track. He was quoted once as saying, “Tulisa wrote to that song before I did – this is the truth. But the producers of the beat … didn’t want her to have it.” Welp.

A source told Metro: “Tulisa was annoyed when the song was taken from her and given to Britney – especially as she co-wrote it. It was set to be one of the big songs on her debut album. She didn’t let it lie, and took it all the way to the courts and has now won. She just wanted to be recognised as the writer of one of the biggest pop tracks of the last decade.”

It’s also worth mentioning Tulisa’s vocals assist Britney’s on the track. That information is new, and actually a little disappointing.


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Now that Tulisa came out victorious, she’ll make bank. According to NME, all the money made from the track since 2012 was frozen until now, meaning the singer will gain 10% of the world wide publishing rights and income for the record. It’s not clear how much that is, but “Scream & Shout” was huge. Tulisa can retire.

This is the final nail in the coffin. KEEP WILL.I.AM AWAY FROM OUR PRECIOUS PRINCESS OR ELSE.


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