A woman named Timothy Heller, who claims to be Martinez’s former best friend, penned some seriously salacious allegations against Martinez.

Update 2: Heller opened up about the aftermath since sharing her experience. She says Martinez has been “condescending” and “insane.” Read it here.

Update: Martinez has an issued a statement. “She never said no.” Read it here.

Troubling news surfaces about singer Melanie Martinez.

Sexual assault and **** in the industry is an extremely problematic issue, and as 2017 rolls along more and more disturbing stories have come to light.

The latest involves the “Mad Hatter” singer. A woman named Timothy Heller, who claims to be Martinez’s former best friend, penned some seriously salacious allegations that includes Martinez getting her high and penetrating her without permission.

Heller mustered up the courage to write an explosive letter to fans revealing her truth.

“I have kept this secret for years, convincing myself that it wasn’t a big deal and I wasn’t hurt by it,” Heller begins. “The thought of accepting that my best friend raped me seems insane.”

She goes on to recant the harrowing sexual experience. “The power she had over me, grew into me having a very hard time saying no to her… one night during a sleepover, she became increasingly interested in my sexual preferences.”

Heller adds that she had previously been through sexual abuse.

“I never said yes. I said no, repeatedly. But she used her power over me, and broke me down. Just so there is no confusion, I was molested by my best friend… she performed oral *** on me and then I was penetrated with a *** toy without being asked. That’s what happened.”

On the music front, Martinez has had some major success. She completed music videos for every song off her critically acclaimed 2015 debut album, Cry Baby. The singer described her cry baby character as “a child who experiences adult things,” and that didn’t sit well with everyone. Many felt Martinez was sexualizing and objectifying children.

Martinez has not yet responded to the accusations.

Below is the note Heller posted on Twitter.

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  1. “I never said yes, I never said no…” Sounds like regret and shame on her own part and is now trying to pass her own feeling of guilt and shame onto others.

    1. THANK YOU! Exactly! If this went on continuously, why the hell would u keep putting yourself in situations ALONE with her having sleepovers and such. If a man raped u, would u go to his house ALONE continuously when u knew it might/would happen again? NO, I don’t think so….

      1. Imagine this as your own best friend. It wasn’t just “a man”. And the article states how the first night she was only asked to have ***. No ****. If your friend asked that wouldn’t you want to blow it off? The secone night was when it went wrong.

        1. BUT, WHY the hell didn’t she get the hell outta there AS SOON as she touched her before it even got to the point of ****? Man or woman, best friend, stranger…if someone forcefully touches ur private area or shoves their face or toy in u (sorry to put it that way but that is what she said happened) and u say no, wouldn’t u fight them off and get out of there? Timothy said she had further sleepovers after that incident too. Even moreso if it’s ur best friend. I’d be more comfortable saying to them wtf are u doing and leaving? This isn’t the same as the short skirt comment,btw NO way!! This is someone who put herself in repeated situations alone with Melanie. If people go back and back, how can u say they aren’t even a tiny bit at fault? Even the rapper example. I was unfortunatley in a similar situation with my brothers best friend from elementary school (about 8) and it happened when he was 35. 27 yrs. My family trusted and LOVED this guy like their own child. I adored him. I felt safe and protected by him like a big brother. Did everything for and with our family. He was wonderful to his girlfriends, never seemed off. This one day he arrived a couple hrs before my brother got out of work. When it just STARTED to happened, a simple move I KNEW it would tear their friendship apart and my parents would lose someone they considered a son but u better believe your *** that when it happened, I knew I was never, ever gonna let him do it again friend, family or not! And I wasn’t even raped, no F’n way would I let it get to that point without at least fighting my *** off. I shoved him away as hard as I could and told him to get out and threatened to call 911. Thankfully he didn’t use any force on me and left. Melanie’s happened AFTER the other things were done to her so she had plenty of time to push her away physically and leave…It’s not like she had to fight a 250lb man off her. Like I said without giving details, it was one move and that was it for me. Idk, I guess everyone is different but it was just instinct to me. U just KNOW when u don’t want something like that to happen and especially if you say no, you try to stop it. Apparently not everyone has that instinct. Even if he simply asked me if I would ever wanna be intimate with him and we were alone and I blew it off like Timothy did, u better believe I would never allow myself to be alone with him ever again. I’d be extremely uncomfortable. Idk..there’s other things I won’t get into that I think could be behind this Melanie thing. People on other message boards picked up on it too without me saying anything. I guess all we can do is wait for Melanie’s side of the story and maybe some proof. However, as the saying goes…there’s 3 sides to every story. His, hers and the truth. In this case hers, hers and the truth.

      2. You might be surprised at what someone might do, yes there are women that will go back to a rapper and get raped again and again not bc they want to but they feel so much like shot that they can’t process that they are the victims and they are being used. Yes it’s ******* mind blowing but some women will actually go back to a rapper, sometimes out of shame.

      3. okay but thats not even the point. its not a matter of what she could have or could have not done differently. its the fact that, if this is true, melanie ******* raped her. jesus ****. thats like the equivalent to saying, for example, “well she wore a short skirt on multiple occasions after so and so made crude comments about it so she got what she got”, either way its ******* gross and not even close to being a valid reason as to why she got raped. theres NO VALID REASON FOR ****.

      4. Actually as a woman who was raped by a man (not my father) who was there when I was born, you can’t see what kind of hold someone has on a person. After he did it, we still lived together for years before I was able free my family from this guy. I believed we needed him and his income to stay afloat. When I told my mom why I almost didn’t say anything she was mortified.

        1. This is your father, as a child you may not have a choice but to accept the abuse. AS A ******* GROWN ADULT WITH THE FREE WILL TO CHOOSE FRIENDS, I DON’T ******* THINK SO!!!

        1. Noooo, really?? Sorry I was typing fast and messed up the spelling so auto correct put in “rapper.” Omg, shoot me! I’m sure that’s never happened to you!

    2. Plus, why wouldn’t she handle this privatetly through the proper resources? She said she loves Melanie so why not go through Therapists, family, other friends, law enforcement, etc…WHY is she writing a letter to the world to destroy Melanie’s career and life? Even if this ends up being a twisted story or that someone found out they were sexually together and this Timothy girl was embarrassed or felt guilty she did it and she spins it this way to make it someone else’s fault; Melanie’s career is OVER regardless. Once this is put in people’s minds, true or not, it changes everything.. I work in the mental health field and u wouldn’t believe how common this type of thing happens when it comes to this kind is scenerio. A parent, classmates, other friends, etc find out their child/friend/classmate did something sexually with someone of the same *** (even if a one time thing) u wouldn’t believe how fast the story changes! They will twist stories and lie to save themselves from the harsh criticism and embarrassment it caused them. They don’t care who they hurt or what it destroys as long as they find a way to make themselves look like a “victim.” Once it’s investigated and found to be untrue, the damage is already done. What a mess!

      1. I don’t know who this Timothy person is, but after reading her posts, it’s clear that she’d rather victimize herself in life than face her own demons. She even admits that Melanie was there when no one else was but that she let that friendship cloud her judgement and made her codependent. She says Melanie used her power to control her blah blah blah. Like seriously?! It sounds to me like she was just a ****** up mess who was leeching onto Melanie and Melanie had enough of taking care of her and finally broke free. If anything, it sounds like this Timothy person is the controlling one. Now she wants to come out and claim that she wasn’t herself and anything she did before was controlled by someone else. Girl, it’s called growing up! I went through a phase where I wanted to be accepted and I sought comfort in others, but I would never look back now and claim they took advantage of me when I was vulnerable. ***** bye!

          1. I would like to hear Melanie’s side too before I judge. There may be more to the story that Timothy is leaving out. She was high, she’s on meds for ADD and anti-depressants so that mix isn’t so good. Maybe she was consensual then regretted it and felt ashamed or embarrassed. We don’t know for sure what happened. There are MILLIONS of women and even men out there who cry **** for revenge or regret for doing it. YES the guilty ones can rot for all I care. I work in the mental health field and see all kinds of court documents and lawsuits involving **** and you wouldn’t believe how many people do sick things for revenge on an ex for cheating or who was physically abuse but the law did nothing to help her so she uses something else so they will actually hear her this time even if it’s not true, they know the would **** will be heard. The kids believe the mom and then it gets uglier when those kids come for therapy and hate their dad’s. Even after the investigation is over and the person who lies is found guilty, the damage is done. It’s awful and sad for the kids. Hell yeah, abusive people should be punished big time but to lie and put **** out there is so wrong too.

        1. One thing I’ll add….this Timothy girl is an aspiring musician. Melanie had contacts in the industry.. Now that she put this letter out, her Spodify is blowing up because people are going on her Twitter to read this letter and curious about her music. She even looks like Melanie in many pictures when she’s done up for her music photos and such…the haircut, color and make-up style.

          1. It makes me sick to read your comments and Armando’s. All you both do is assuming things. The first night nothing happened if your with a best friend it is not strange to think and hope things will stop after this. I don’t know if they were also living in the same home at that moment. Yes she did take a risk which is not very intelligent to do so but certainly not a free card to get abused/ raped. And if it did happen this way ( it mostly happen in ways like this with someone you know, love and trust ) Melanie should be held responsible for the damage instead you two just butcher a girl who is possible a victim here. Many of my friends are famous artist and actors and I have seen so much and testified against a ********* because even relatives of victims were too afraid. How you two react is exactly why so many victims do not come out in the first place. Very sad.

          2. And you’re assuming it did happen just because some disgruntled female with fame aspirations makes a claim soooooo…

        2. I agree.
          I am a female. And honestly, I’ve heard from brother, friends of all different genders experience same *** relationships with people at a certain time in their life.

          As someone else commented who said they were a mental health behaviorist, and as an actual **** victim personally who has gone to court against someone, to me the way this sounds like one of those experiences, and feels guilty about it.

          Of course, she could be telling the truth.

          But even as a **** victim, I sit on the fence when it comes to these ordeals, especially ones involving celebrities. I don’t know the whole truth so I’ll wait until IF this becomes a legal case. If it doesn’t, unfortunately for the other party I will choose not to believe it- because then otherwise who am I to say that the “victim” or Melanie is right or wrong? I don’t. Otherwise to me it’s just a case of slander and a jab at their way of becoming known.

          But I always find it suspicious when someone comes to fame, and “past friends and relationships” come out of no where. I’m sorry, but EVEN as a **** victim, I do find it peculiar the choice of timing. If this was so harrowing to this individual why choose now? I mean, I didn’t say immediately either, it took me a couple of weeks. But to wait until someone is famous? Again, to me it just looks like a load of slander.

          When I was about in the 8th grade, I used to be a competitive gymnast. Well, my private coach at the time who was about a 25-28 year old male and his fiance decided to get married. Somewhere a long the line, one of the families we attended gymnastics with got very upset for whatever pyscho reason and decided to come forward as soon as he was going to move and pressed charges that he supposedly molested their 10 year old daughter.

          As the case was progressing with no factual evidence, and after this very nice man is blasted NATIONWIDE media and local media as a child molester- only a couple of weeks later- little girl admits to police her parents coaxed her into it. Parents LITERALLY admitted to it.

          My coach has had to live under his new wife’s maiden name and STILL does and they had to go into protective custody over the issue and literally has to prove that his case was dropped and instead charges were pressed against the “victims” who were actually offenders.

          So, I’ve seen this from both sides of where things can go wrong.

          And as my post states, I find this entirely fishy.

          So, until LEGALities and actual evidence comes into play- I’ll wait. And if this Timothy person was really touched against her will then I’ll pray for her. Otherwise, from my personal experience, this is very fishy and very conveniently timed.

          Edit: I mean the fact that Timothy’s spotify is blowing up as people said is a direct motive, and again, I agree people do revenge **** like this ALL the time to benefit.

          1. All perfectly said! And thank you for sharing that story. That poor man and his family. People can be so crazy!

        1. ABSOLUTELY I agree 1 million percent! They should rot in hell! What I’m saying is that if someone takes your temple (using your words) in 3 different steps, why allow it to get to #3 without Fighting off #1? That’s all I mean. JS. If someone, again whether a friend, family or stranger, touches you and you say NO, why stay there and let #2 happen, then continue to stay and get to #3 the worst of it? THEN, continue to be her friend and get together again (alone) risking it to happen again? JS.

          1. you say you work in the mental health field right? If you read it the person telling the story was in extreme mental distress at that period in her life and leaning on a friend she thought she could count on. Obviously you are not a licensed medical professional or you would be avoiding making such statements on the internet, as they could possibly violate oaths you had to take when you got your licence or the contracts you signed when you became employed. So I am going to guess you are someone with only a modicum of education and a penchant for self aggrandizing. This further suggests that your comment was to make this about you rather than about the victim. please reread and try to join in the conversation again after learning to check your privilege and not prop up **** culture.

          2. Omg, are you serious? Do you not know the privacy laws? Research before making false accusations about me. I did not name anyone’s name therefore I did not break any oaths or laws. No one’s privacy was violated. You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. Everything I have signed states I can not disclose patients names and discuss their medical history with anyone. I did not do that. Please tell me where you see names. I also did not say I was a doctor nor do I pretend to be. I said I work in the mental health field and simply stated I have seen many similar situations Melanie is going through and how people do lie and change stories when faced with something they feel is embarrassing or that might hurt their reputation, career, personal and/or family relationships, etc…then there’s those who lie and change stories to be vengeful for various reasons. In 18 years I’ve seen and heard it all. It happens. Fact! Maybe more often than people probably realize. And no, I did not say all situations. Look it up and you will read some unbelievable stories of what people
            will do and say. So, just to be clear, you are saying just because i mentioned things that have factually happened in many situations, I’m propping up **** culture? Umm, no. What are you talking about? **** is NO joke!

            Other than mentioning I work in that field and that I’ve seen and experienced this exact type of situation, my posts were completely about Timothy and Melanie’s situation, her accusations and reactions or lack of during said events.

  2. i feel so hurt and betrayed…i loved her for so long, and i feel lied to…im waiting for something else to come out to confirm this. im thinking that melanie would never but at the same time, you never really know your favorite celebs, do you 🙁

    1. Yeah it can be rough. l truly believe this person but l do really want a backup. For not I’m going to personally continue listening to the song and not think about the disgusting actions of the thing who wrote. I’m personally heartbroken so l understand how you’re feeling

  3. How can anyone take Melanie’s side you’re just as crazy as Melanie if you do. Like i know you’re her fans I was too but this is disgusting thinking about it makes me feel sick. Also people are saying Melanie was a victim not heller I mean where on earth did you get this from you’re not even reading it properly I mean you’re just reading what you want…WTF

    1. i completely agree with this!! people are also saying that heller was only doing this to get her music career to blow up. i just cant believe that people are supporting melanie no matter what. fan or not, if this is true, melanie is a bad person.

  4. Well this is definitely not what I wanted to see before going to bed. This really upsets me, I’ve been a fan of her’s for almost 3 years. Not a crazed fan like so many of her’s seemed to be, but I listened to her music probably every other day. Damn it.

    1. Well, at the end of the day, even celebrities are human, right? And humans can do disgusting things to each other. This is why it’s important to never put your favorite singer or (anyone else) on a pedestal—watching them fall down can be too hard.

  5. this is a scam, i will bet that this heller and Melanie Martinez had gotten into some kind of bad fight and heller wants to bring Melanie Martinez down because of it, however, i myself, will only accept a truthful response from Melanie Martinez, this **** accuse feels more like a rivalry instead of actual ****

  6. I’m with Armando on this one… Of course **** shouldn’t be tolerated, but after reading Timothy’s VERSION of the story (every discourse is edited) I can’t accept the idea that an adult can’t control the basics of their own life. She clearly said she focused her time and effort on Melanie because she didn’t want to face her own problems… That is crazy, there is no way you can get away with that, at least not without the consequences of your own actions. In other words, she put herself in a vulnerable situation, so she NEEDS to own up to something. Blaming it all on someone else is childish. In the same way, Melanie will have to respond to her own part in this story. There HAS to be some truth to all of this. Just like I don’t believe Timothy is a poor little victim, I don’t believe Melanie did anything wrong. This just sounds like a sick “friendship” from the start, and something wrong was bound to happen eventually.

    1. Now imagine that you typed more or less the same argument, but instead you were defending Louis CK or one of the other male predators. See the problem yet?


      1. That is ridiculous. My opinion is based on every detail I’ve read, and what you just mentioned is another very different situation so do not put your own words in my mouth, I did not nor will say that. Besides, barely no one is pure evil nor pure good, so I refuse to make a simplistic judgement on such a complex matter.

      1. You are right… But what I’m trying to say is that to be co-dependent you have to pass lots of red lights and take a lot of decisions on your own to end up in such an abusive situation. So besides denouncing any ******’s terrible behaviours, we should also focus on how important it is to love and take care of yourself so as not to fall into their traps. That is a part of the healing process too, not just blaming it all on the other person.

      2. Unless they both agreed to it and Timothy is upset they strayed apart and is taking that out on Melanie. You never know until there is solid proof that Melanie raped her. And trust me, I advocate for **** victims as much as I can because I am one myself and knows what it is like to be shut down even by law enforcement themselves for coming out about this but there’s no proof. I’m not siding with Melanie OR Timothy. But until there’s proof or someone admits to something, I refuse to believe anyone is guilty just yet.

  7. Melanie would not hurt any one like that , this is bull **** and lie’s ! This story is fake and the girl just wants attention ! Sorry Timothy i do not be leave you !

    1. I guess you know Melanie personally to say things like that :’) seriously what the ****, you don’t know her, you don’t know what she’s like, just because she makes cutesy songs doesn’t mean she’s a ******* angel who nevers does anything wrong.

      1. Yeh, pedophilia in “Tag, you’re it”, a effed up family from “Dollhouse”, insecurity, judgement and plastic surgery in Mrs. Potato Head. Cutsey…

  8. ****** SJWs are out of control, I hate how its become so trendy to “expose” everyone. Every actor, musician, celebrity, etc. are suddenly dirty and everyones ready to “expose” them like they are some kind of vigilante. Youre not a crime fighter, youre an idiot with too much time on your hands. And this story here sounds like some school yard bull ****. She only now decides to share her story because Melanie doesnt want to be her friend anymore…. kind of suspicious to say the least. For the record, I love Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby, and Melanie Martinez. But hey, my opinions are my own so I wont even debate it.

    1. They’ve been uh underexposed since the industry started. People coming out are less than 10% of what happens because at the end of the day they’re risking their careers, their livelihoods, their families… It’s still their job. You know how many women don’t report sexual assault or harassment by their coworkers? Many more than those who do and often get fired for whistleblowing.

    2. ?????? I hate how people use “SJW” as a ******* insult, OH WOW SOOOOO insulting to want everyone to have equal chances regardless of skin color, gender, etc ! ! ! !!! Also, it’s not a ******* crime fighter thing – people want their abusers to face consequences for what they’ve done. Just ******* use your brain for a second.

      1. Actually, it is an insult because you people are incredibly annoying and ignorant as ****. You create fatigue within these subjects, and people start to take them less seriously over time.

  9. She’s kind of irked me ever since she chose to sexualize children in her music videos. Wearing diapers and sucking on pacifiers while trying to act **** is not okay, it normalizes both pedophilia and infantilization of women. It was gross and honestly a bad choice on her part. So I’m really not surprised. The messed up dd/lg (daddy dom and little girl) fetish online community practically worships her for openly sexualizing childhood like they do. And many of these “Daddy dom” men would bring up her music while harassing me and girls even younger than me online because she made what these men were trying to lure us into seem normal and cute and fun.

  10. Melanie weighs like 80lbs.. I just can’t imagine her forcing ***. But i’m not jumping to conclusions either way, who knows. I think many people are too-easy to defend a “victim” that they are blind to scam-artists. I hope for justice on either side.

    1. You clearly didn’t read the article. She persisted and begged and pushed her into the situation for 2 days. Power manipulation and coercion have nothing to do with Melanie’s weight.

      1. If someone is pushing me and making me extremely uncomfortable, as an adult, I would know not to sleepover the second night. Also, nobody forces an adult to “smoke weed”, we aren’t in middle school.

    2. Speaking as a relatively tiny femme person who is very sexually aggressive, you absolutely can commit sexual assault, no matter what your size or presentation. Anyone can, if they’re ignoring their partners words, signals, and body language. Size (and gender) should not be used as an excuse, ever.

      1. You’re right.
        IF the accusation is true, I expect Timothy to take it to court. If she only takes this to social media, I will assume its a false claim and that she only wanted to create buzz for her new music.


  12. “I would tell people who find themselves in this situation that there is a great deal of blame placed on the victims in cases of sexual harassment and assault. You could be blamed for the fact that it happened, for reporting it and blamed for how you reacted. You might be made to feel like you’re overreacting, because society has made this stuff seem so casual. My advice is that you not blame yourself and do not accept the blame others will try to place on you. You should not be blamed for waiting 15 minutes or 15 days or 15 years to report sexual assault or harassment, or for the outcome of what happens to a person after he or she makes the choice to sexually harass or assault you.” – Taylor Swift

    1. You are actually quoting a girl who got a DJ fired just so that she can distract from being a snake? and continue to play victim as a brand? Come on. Clearly she didn’t write that either.

      1. Your argument doesn’t make any sense… I also think Taylor Swift is a snake and that she puts her brand above anything else, BUT she’s not a “girl” but a “woman” (be respectful, do not belittle grown up women), and she’s smart enough to have written that and better things. Actually, she has.

  13. This story makes me so sad, mostly because I’m very confident that this Timothy chick is using this to get attention for her ****** music. I don’t know much about Melanie, but the story to me screams CONTRIVED. As an adult, if I were to sleepover with someone and they made me uncomfortable, WHY THE HELL WOULD I GO TO THEIR PLACE AND SLEEPOVER A SECOND NIGHT?!?! Then after this announcement, doing loads of interviews, talking about your music, pinning your music. If this is what it has come to, people lying about **** for attention, I’ve very sad to be in the same world as these people.

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