Picture this: Britney Spears doing a tandav to some tubthumping tabla … Well, almost. The pop star’s twirling to the tap of the tabla in her new single, My Prerogative. The opening bars of her latest single feature a tabla tempo by Swedish back-up sound band Stockholm Sessions Strings.

Britney’s fascination for India obviously extends to beyond the country’s tourist magnet. Elaborating on her tilt towards Indian music, she said in a statement to BT , “I have always been kinda fascinated with Indian music. The lilting melodies and the very basic sound — it’s something that hasn’t been tapped to its fullest yet.”

She mentions that she was looking for an interesting beginning for the song and thought of introducing the Indian percussion instrument. “Since I was so taken with the beats of the tabla , we decided to meld them in. It turned out great and I fully intend to use many more Indian sounds in my music in the future,” she added. Now that should keep Britney watchers guessing as to her next moves. What’s next — an item number a la Bollywood?

Source – The Time Of India

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