Azealia Banks is now… Azealia.


UPDATE // AUGUST 8: Azealia followed through… she dropped her last name just time for her next project Fantasea II: The Second Wave:


Azealia Banks yearns to be a singer instead.

The Broke With Expensive Taste artist wants to drop her last name and just go by Azealia. Done. She also wants to leave the rap game and be known as a singer. Done.

She’s had a turbulent couple years in the press, and the “Ice Princess” is tired of it all. Azealia posted several messages on Facebook this week announcing her abrupt plans to rethink her path to stardom. Rap isn’t her thing, but it pays the bills. Ah, the trap millions of us have fallen into, including us journalists she lambastes. According to Azealia, music writers shouldn’t focus on the words a musician says and stick to the music. If that were the case, BreatheHeavy would have several less stories about Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’ breakup.

Hmm… she has a point now that I think about it.

On the flip side, that would also mean our post calling attention to Billboard’s open letter to congress to stop gun violence with signatures from nearly 200 top music artists and execs would get the ax. You see how that works, Azealia?

I’ll do my best to oblige.

She says:

“People are ALWAYS writing articles about me and go ‘this drama is overshadowing her talent.’ well did you ever think that it could be possible for an artist to enjoy social media the way everyone else does, and maybe you just don’t have to report on everything? These are music blogs right? I think its time all these music publications start doing themselves a favor and STICK TO THE MUSIC. Now a days you have every music publication trying to be “savvy” and on-trend, by reporting on everything. It’s like music magazines are trying to compete with gossip blogs and news aggregators. Did any of these music “journalists” ever stop to think that it’s THEIR job to write about music and not what celebrities do/say otherwise?? I think a lot of their (music journo’s) confusion comes from their own desires to see themselves in the limelight, so they start trying to dig into the artists character and come up with these corny *** pseudo-psychiatric evaluations that are really more a reflection of the writer than anything else. Everyone seems to be so tired of Azealia Banks and her drama, then why the **** do you keep reporting on it/reading the ****? Next time some journo makes a comment about anything i’m doing outside of music, i’m going to have to politely remind them to do their jobs and worry about the music.

“And stop referring to me as a rapper !!
I don’t want to be called a rapper. or a fem-cee, or a ‘spitta’ or any of that ****.
I want to be called a singer now.
’25 year old singer, Azealia Banks.’
Thank You.”

“I’m honestly tired of rapping, the rap scene and the whole rap-girl persona. Considering dropping my last name and just going by “Azealia” and not rap for a while. I’m really tired of being that girl. It’s not me. Remember, i only started rapping because my acting career wasn’t moving as quickly as i wanted it to. Rap has been SUCH diversion for me, and it’s probably the reason i feel so lost and off my path. I’ve done great things with Rap, but only because it pays my bills. I would much rather sing and act and never rap again. I don’t want to be a rapper anymore.”

“The rapping and rap-girl persona is overshadowing my real dream which is to be a singer.”

Hopefully Azealia let’s us slide this time.

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