Britney Spears and Panic! At The Disco might be collaborating.

Britney Spears and Panic! At The Disco might be collaborating.

I’m not even sure where to begin or how to contain my excitement. Yes, there’s a legitimate rumor floating around that Britney and Panic! have a track together.

How did this come about? Seemingly out of thin air, yes, but a fan Tweeted the Panic! account and frontman Brendon Urie they had heard such a thing exists.

See what Exhale is saying about this.

“Rumor that @PanicAtTheDisco and @britneyspears may have a song together that won’t be on #PrayForTheWicked but independently released , can anyone confirm this please!!!,” they wrote. Pray For The Wicked is Panic!’s forthcoming album. Read more about that here.

The Panic! account “liked” that Tweet. It’s worth mentioning they’ve only liked 99 Tweets… ever

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There’s two possible explanations here: 1.) A fellow hunty runs the Panic! Twitter account and simply thought it was a cute idea and/or 2.) A Britney x Panic! track exists. Look, a “like” goes a long way in 2018.

I know how these rumors usually go, but I’m going to suspend rational thought and pray to Godney this turns out to be true. I still believe!

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