O’Connor wrote she took an overdose after being unable to cope with not seeing her son and the abandonment from her family.


UPDATE: O’ Connor wrote a second note on Facebook on Monday (Nov. 30):

This story originally appeared on Nov. 29 at noon PST.

Sinead O’Connor wrote a heartbreaking note on Facebook on Sunday (Nov. 29) before allegedly overdosing.

“There is only so much any woman can be expected to bear,” O’Connor said in what appeared to be a suicide letter posted online. She details the painstaking struggle between Donal Lunny, the father of their son Shane, and claims Lunny has barred her from seeing Shane even though he is “unwell.”

O’Connor wrote she took “an overdose.”

Just hours after the note surfaced online, authorities issued a statement saying O’Connor is “safe and sound” and receiving medical treatment.

Read the note below:

Best wishes to O’Connor and her family.