Yesterday, after a long day of work and the gym, I decided to stay off the Internet, kick my feet up, pour a delicious glass of gas station wine, and enjoy an all new episode of The X Factor I DVR-ed from earlier in the night.

To my surprise, I’m watching what I thought was a very extensive recap from the last few episodes. It did not hit me until 30 minutes in that I’ve seen this before!

****, now I have to break my *no-exhale-spoiler* rule and check out what the fans are talking about. Was I crazy? Did I see this episode already because last week I was living in the future? Did I miss some announcement stating this would happen?

Nope! A baseball game running late’s to blame about the re-run for West coast and the short episode for East-coasters. And I’m not the only one peeved about the mishap.

“The X Factor was supposed to feature all four judges making their selections for the live shows — essentially revealing the top 16 contestants — but because game three of the National League Championship Series had a rain delay, viewers missed the beginning and end of the episode. Now, we only know who Britney Spears and L.A. Reid selected!”

Simon Cowell took to his Twitter to express his frustration, Tweeting fans:

It what’s known as a total f up.

Have no idea what is happening to the schedule tonight. Have heard the whole episode will be shown next Tuesday. Sorry.

According to a press release from FOX, “the highly anticipated conclusion of the ‘Judges’ Homes’ round of THE X FACTOR will air in its entirety on Tuesday, Oct. 23 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT). … The competition kicks into high gear on Tuesday, when the judges reveal which four acts in each of the four categories – Teens, Young Adults, Groups and Over 25s – continue and which two acts are eliminated.”


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