Simon Cowell To Britney: You Can't Sit With Us

Simon Cowell seems happy Britney is off The X Factor judging panel, telling reporters the foursome wasn’t cohesive enough to his liking.

“It’s like having a dinner party. You invite people for dinner and sometimes it’s a fun night, and other times it’s not as fun as you hoped it would be,” Cowell said at the Television Critics Association panel.

“This [season] is a fun dinner party,” he continued before adding that he knew the season-two panel wouldn’t work from “day one.”

“I felt we were doing what everybody else was doing and I had this impatience to get on to [upcoming] season three so we could do what we wanted to do.”

Simon also recently compared a horrible rendition of “Baby One More Time” by a contestant to the original.

I don’t think The Army should give him too hard of a time… I’m sure Britney felt the same way. ‘Thanks for the $15 mill, baaaah!’