Simon Cowell On Britney’s Vegas Show: “She’ll Do Great”

October 2, 2013 By Jordan Miller

Simon Cowell On Britney's Vegas Show: "She'll Do Great"

Britney’s ex X Factor judge Simon Cowell may have shaded Britney for not contributing enough during her stint on the sinking show, but he thinks her moving on to Vegas is good move.

“She’ll do great, I mean it’s going to be a grind,” Simon tells E! News. She’s going to find it hard work, but you know what? A lot of cash.”

Britney made $15 million for her time on the show and was the highest paid judge on reality TV at the time.

“That’s a huge opportunity, too,” current X Factor judge Kelly Rowland added about Brit’s Vegas residency. “Look what it did with Celine Dion; it was such a great transition.”

Simon fired back:

“Or the two people who got eaten by tigers,” referring to Siegfried’s (of and Siegfried and Roy) tragic mauling by one of the tigers.