Simon Cowell Mentions Britney At X Factor Auditions

The X Factor auditions began today, and it looks like they’re already missing Britney.

Simon said:

UPDATE: A reader sent in their experience – he was the contestant that Simon commented on about Britney.

“Hey Jordan huge fan of Brit and your website. I submitted an online audition in March for the XFactor and heard back in early May that I was chosen to audition infront of the judges on the 21st. I sang Britney’s “…Baby One More Time” which I did kinda badly since I was very exhausted after sitting in the arena for 14 hours. Mainly because Simon was late and delayed auditions.

After my audition Simon commented “for a second I closed my eyes and thought Britney was on stage, but when I opened them back up it wasn’t and it was creepy because you weren’t wearing the schoolgirl outfit.” I was really embarrassed haha.

Paulina was rude. She said “not everyone can sing Britney, especially with a microphone,” which I took at her throwing shade at Britney for lip-syncing.

Demi gave me a thumbs up when I said I wanted a career like britneys and Kelly said she loved my shoes and demi agreed. I got four NO’s. I didn’t receive any negative feedback besides demi saying she doesn’t understand how I will fit in the industry sounding like Brit.”

Update: Paulina Tweeted about the ordeal: