Those who don’t understand Britney’s essence are wary of her role on The X Factor. If they’re a hater, they’ll simply use their 5 brain cells and conjure up a story of how wreckless Britney’ll be on the show. Those who’ve got her back no better and head honcho Simon Cowell wants them to know she’s not that girl.

Cowell tells X17 photogs Brit can handle the pressure of live TV after they asked him if he thought she’s too unstable for the gig.

“No she’s not unstable, I’m the one that’s unstable! She’s working out great, she’s doing a great job,” he quipped to the cameras.

They proceeded to ask him if he enjoys working with our girl.

“Do you know what? Like I said, she’s been amazing. She’s really taking time to learn how to do this. She’s got her confidence up. Once people give her a chance, I think people are really going to get her. It will be a big surprise. She’s a tough judge.”

Tougher than himself? “I’m a pussycat,” he joked.

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