Simon Cowell: Britney & Demi “Doing The Best They Can”

June 22, 2012 By Jordan Miller

Photogs caught up with Simon Cowell in Beverly Hills this week and of course asked him about Brit on The X Factor.

He says they are “doing the best they can” as judges, revealing:

“I’ve worked with much harder. Honest to god they are doing the job we paid them to do, and they are doing a great job. They are both, albeit feverish, but we hired them for that. They are trying to find a star, and give constructive advice. They ought to be my mentor”

Simon had nothing but nice things to say about Britney, but confessed Demi is a bit of a “brat.”

“She represents a younger audience and she’s smart, but a bit of a brat. But I like brats. She’s got amazing instincts, this girl. She could work for a record label; she knows how to spot a star. I am really impressed with her. She’s smart, she knows what she’s doing, and she wants to do a good job.”

“They’ve both been child stars. They want to find somebody else, and I’m very impressed with them.”