Simon Cowell Basically Confirms What We’ve All Been Wondering About Fifth Harmony: WATCH

September 15, 2016 By James Dinh

Industry big-wig sounds off on 5H.


See what Simon had to say about the “X Factor” contestants’ future.

**** is getting real in Fifth Harmony-land. Over a year ago, Harmonizers started to notice that there was trouble on the horizon for the pop girl group, and now Simon Cowell, the head honcho responsible for their jumpstart, has hinted that things are indeed rocky for the product of 2012’s Stateside “X Factor.”

During a recent interview on the red carpet of “America’s Got Talent,” Simon was asked the obvious: What is going on with 5H? As diplomatic as he attempted to be, his face at the end of the clip is what said it all.

Same with any group. You know, we have conversations about what they wanna do. You gotta listen to them. It’ll be fine … I hope.

With Camila’s ever so apparent venture into the solo limelight, Lauren’s recent onstage breakdown and the mysterious cancelled dates on the U.S. and international legs of their tours, it appears as if the disintegration of the band has started to make way into the business side of things. Just think about it. If Simon Cowell is starting to hint at it all, then you know things aren’t going well. After all, he was partially in charge of their joint deal with Syco Music and Epic Records.

It’s a tale as old as time, at least with girl groups, and what’s most unfortunate about it all is that the fans are the ones that suffer the most from this sort of tension. Still, you have to ask yourself: Would you want your idols living behind a facade for the sake of it all? Probably not.

In related news, 5H Inc. is still moving on with the release of their newest single off 7/27. The video for their Tinashe-penned “That’s My Girl” is expected to drop on September 19.

Take a look at Simon Cowell talking about Fifth Harmony below!

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